Mar 31

like running from London to Cardiff…

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Mar 30

I managed to drag myself out to have a run today. Sunday’s run had wiped me out a bit. A very dreary run around Wandsworth Common. Nothing else to report.

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Mar 30

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Mar 28

Today was a half training run, half race. I had to be quite disciplined and hold myself back – racing such a distance so late in my training would not be a good idea. (too long to recover etc) I was so glad Camilla was there to run with, as it was a small race, covering 4 laps of a 5 mile course. We chatted pretty much non stop for the first three laps, the fourth, we speeded up a little, so talked a little less. The time actually flew by, with only the last half of the last lap a bit of a chore. My usual hip creak set in, and my right calf was pretty tight.

We gelled every 5miles, which coincided with the water stations. We practiced walking and drinking which actually is the best thing to do – the water goes in the mouth rather than down the front.

We ran a little faster than we usually do for our long runs, it was nice to get a real feel for my Marathon pace. Again, another good run which made me feel like the extra 6.2 miles are just about doable…

I’m sitting eating pizza now – guilt free, seeing as I have just burnt 2,360 calories!

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Mar 26

Track training in the drizzle – only did 3 mile reps, would have liked to do 4 – but was fatigued and have the Finchley 20 race on Sunday hanging about in my mind…

Got my race magazine and registration pack through yesterday – started to read it on the commute and began to feel really really nervous!(although huge sigh of relief as I began to panic as to whether I actually had a place, after realising I had never received confirmation!)

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Mar 24

Wow, nearly 50 runs! Tonight was really mild but a bit drizzly. A new route down south – from Clapham Common up to Battersea Park, over the bridge, along the river and back again. 9 miles in total. Ray had Achilles trouble again and had to walk home at around 6 miles. I finished with Temper Track – Sweet Disposition running back through the common. Dinner wasn’t until 10pm – but it was a very satisfying Ray wrap – chicken, spinach and wedges. The food diary is getting a little tiresome, I keep forgetting to log things, or feel very guilty if I am eating anything other than vegetables, protein and brown carbs!

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Mar 23

Fairly quick Highgate Hill run tonight – felt good going up the hill – although suffered from tight calves and shins – perhaps still a little tired from Saturday’s long run.

Tried out my racing trainers – felt good – was raining but managed to avoid any mud! They will stay sparkling white.

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Mar 22

Missed out 4miles on sat, due to swapping long run day – boo.

Anyway – I made awesome banana bread yesterday.

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Mar 20

I moved my long run to Saturday this week so I could run with Team MC (Camilla and Nick, also joined by Ben, a friend of Nick’s) We headed off from Talacre at 9am ish. Once we had managed to navigate ourselves there and to the correct car park we geared up and set off. 2 and quarter laps made up the 20 miles. It was great to be able to chat along the way – the three hours passed at a good speed. Having the car was great for pit- stops on each lap. I had two gels (at 50minute intervals) two hand bottle carriers of water and then half a banana and a jaffa cake at our first pit-stop. Our pace was comfortable, averaging around 9:10 min miles – slow enough to talk comfortably, but by mile 17 talking had all but halted. The end was in sight, and exhaustion had begun to set in for all of us.

We saw several deer, a stag, lots of dogs, struggled up the hills into the wind, ran alongside a guy with pink leg warmers and hurt when we stopped.

Loud 80’s power ballads and smarties cookies got us through the traffic jams on the way back home. Getting out of the car was tough.

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Mar 19

Urgh – long morning runs before work are not nice. I needed to do 11 today, managed 10. Lack of energy and tiredness made this a run I just wanted to get done. The thought of a coffee and muffin kept me going. The temptation to slink back into bed and not even go to work was great…

I ran up to St John’s wood then along the canal from Regents to Kings X.

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